Toon Boom Harmony Master Controllers: A Step-by-Step Essential Guide

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In this 3-hour live online course, we will go over an introduction to Master Controllers in Harmony Premium and cover several projects, from basic rigs to advanced rigs that use curve and envelope deformers.

Students signing up for this class should be familiar with working in Toon Boom Harmony Premium and using the Node View. Students should have Harmony Premium 17, or have downloaded the trial version.

By the end of this class, students will learn to plan, rig, and animate characters using Master Controllers in Harmony. Students will learn everything from controlling simple head turns, to eye movements  and complex emotions. 

Though this class is online, it is not a pre-recorded lesson, and will be taught live. Students will be able to ask questions, share their screens, and get instant feedback and pointers on project based lessons in real time!

Space is limited as this class is limited to 10 seats only.