Create Simple Turnaround Rigs in Harmony Essentials




Have you ever wondered could you create a turnaround rig in Harmony Essentials? In this new course, Tony Ross will show you step-by-step how to rig a simple, yet powerful cut-out character just using Harmony Essentials.

Now a full production character rig typically requires the node view and deformers that are only available in Harmony Premium – That being said, even at the entry level of Toon Boom software, out of the box, Harmony Essentials has a stronger set of animation features than programs like Animate or Flash!

Here are a few of the topics covered in the course:

TOC Welcome/Intro & Basics

  • About this Course
  • Harmony Essentials vs Harmony Premium
  • Harmony Essentials vs Flash/Animate
  • Setting your Preferences
  • Using the Brush Tool
  • Using the Pencil Tool
  • Working in Drawing Mode
  • Working in Camera Mode

Designing the Character

  • Designing Cut-Outs for Harmony Essentials
  • Sketching the Character
  • Cleanup and Inking the Character
  • Setting up Views of the Character
  • Setting up Layers
  • Working with Drawing Substitutions

Working with Pegs

  • Should You Animate Pegs or Drawings?
  • Setting Drawing Pivots
  • Setting Peg Pivots

Using Bone Deformers

  • Bone Deformer Basics
  • Rigging the Torso
  • Rigging the Arms
  • Rigging the Legs
  • Rigging the Hair

Using Symbols & Patches

  • Advanced Arm Rigging
  • Advanced Leg Rigging
  • Advanced Hair Rigging
  • Advanced Rigging the Eyes
  • Rough Sketch of Drawing Substitutions
  • Advanced Rigging the Eyes
  • Setting up Layers
  • Working with Masking & Cutters

Adding the Mouth

  • Rough Sketch of Drawing Substitutions
  • Advanced Rigging the Mouth
  • Setting up Layers
  • Working with Masking & Cutters

Setting up a Template

  • Re-Naming Drawing Substitutions
  • Using Kinematic Output
  • Working with Child-Parent hierarchy
  • Working with Layers and Nudging
  • Creating Master Pegs
  • Working with Libraries
  • Creating Templates

Animating your Character

  • Creating a 3/4 Walk Cycle
  • Creating Blinks
  • Creating Action Templates

Exporting Animations

  • Exporting H.264 format video
  • Exporting Video w/ Alpha Channel
  • How to Export Stills
  • How to Create a GIF
  • Closing


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